Studio Policy

1. Mission: My goal is to have my students excited to come to their lessons each week and continually learn important virtues and skills through the gift of music. To achieve this requires commitment and cooperation from all of us – students, parents and the teacher. Learning a musical instrument can be exciting and fun, but also involves hard work and determination.

2. Tuition: Tuition is currently $50 per month. This includes 30 minute private lessons, 1 hour group lessons and recitals.  Monthly payment is due by the first lesson of each month. A fee of $5 will be charged for late payments and $10 for any returned checks.

3. Private lessons:  Private lessons are 30 minutes long, 3~4 times a month.  If there is a group lesson, private lessons will not be held that week (see the hand out schedule).  Parents and siblings are welcome to observe lessons as long as they do not disturb the lesson. For a young violin student (age 4-9) or Suzuki Book 1~2 students, it makes a big difference when parents observe and takes notes during the lesson.  I encourage Suzuki violin parents to observe the lesson and take notes during the lesson. Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before their lesson time to get their books and instrument ready.  I have an extra room (with a piano) where students can practice while waiting. Please pick up your child promptly.

4. Group lessons: Piano group lessons will be held two times each semester.  Violin group lessons will be held once each month.  Group lessons cannot be made up.  At group lessons, we will be learning theory through games, learning about various composers, playing together, and having mini-recitals.

5. Missed Lessons: Rescheduling a lesson will be permitted once each school semester if arranged at least 24 hours prior to the regularly scheduled lesson.  If I miss a lesson due to illness or other reason, a make-up lesson will be arranged at the earliest possible opportunity.

6. Recitals: Mini-recitals will be held at group lessons.  Students will learn proper etiquette and how to perform.  In addition to mini-recitals, we will hold Fall, Christmas, and Spring recitals. In addition to giving students the opportunity to showcase their skills, recitals are intended to help students feel comfortable performing and develop confidence in their skills. There is also an opportunity to participating in Heber Valley Piano festival in March.  I encourage students to perform in school talent shows, Fair Days, family gatherings, church meetings, etc.

7. Practicing: Piano students should practice for at least 15-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Violin students should practice for at least 20-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and listen to the accompanying CD everyday. Practice time should be increased as the student progresses. Practicing consistently yields the greatest results and will increase the joy of playing.  I will hand out a practice sheet every week. Please make sure each student brings it to their lesson. Students may be rewarded for their practicing!

8. Cancellations: It takes great effort to accommodate the schedule of each student.  Students are expected to commit to maintaining regular lessons for the full school year.  If for some reason your child is unable to continue lessons, please discuss with me at least one month in advance to allow for any possible rescheduling.

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